Who we are ?

ABSCO is the acronym for d’Auto Brake Specialties COmpany, the mother company of the enterprise founded in 1950. We specialize in manufacturing brake components for domestic and imported vehicles.


ABSCO innovates in rebuilding brake calipers and hydrovacs.


ABSCO designs the Universal Brake Cable, for which it holds Canadian and US patents.


ABSCO begins the production of its Custom Brake Cable.


ABSCO is the first North-American manufacturer offering a complete line of brake cables for imported cars.


ABSCO doubles the surface of its brake cable plant.


Addition of the 3rd generation of Dussault: François, Jonathan, Gabriel and Marie-Ève


The DU-SO Group celebrates its 50th anniversary. DU-SO is the hoding company of the enterprise founded by Armand Dussault in 1950. The Dussault family still owns the enterprise and manages its operations. Beyond ABSCO‘s legendary quality of products, its honored tradition of respect and consideration for the clients stands out. The fiftieth jubilee celebrations of the DU-SO Group is characterized by those values that have made its success.