Special products

Looking for hard-to-find parts?

As your equipment becomes outdated, we can help maintain yours to last longer. You wish to maintain yours and make them last longer. We carry many offline friction components that you might need. Among those rare items, we offer some brake segments for practically extinct vehicles. We also carry some friction components for various equipments such as :

  • Fork lifts
  • Cranes
  • Generators
  • Tractors
  • Vintage cars and trucks
  • Production
  • Folding machines
  • Brake machines

Contact ABSCO for details. We provide services and quality parts designed for many applications.

Brake components for off-road Euclid trucks

Airflex industrial calipers

Crane brake lining

Brake pads for stationary machinary

Rockford traction torque

Loader disc pads

Industrial facing

Caterpillar industrial calipers